About Us

CEM exists to bridge the gap between the various employers of labor and the pool of unemployed, talented and other disadvantaged youths who have little or no access to employment or a godfather to be employed. 

Our other goal is to complement government’s effort on job creation by providing job information, specialized career development tips and entrepreneurship, as well as providing solutions to labor issues that the employees face and make all these easy by bringing employers and employees face-to-face to facilitate easy employment. 

Also the magazine will help the unemployed youths to develop employment skills they need to access jobs as well as provide them with entrepreneurship alternative that can help them to be self-employed. CEM is an indispensable tool in the hands of employers and the unemployed

Interestingly, we have developed strategies to follow up these organisations and individuals to see that they consider these unemployed, talented and other disadvantaged young people in CEM.

Our mission is to reduce youth unemployment in Nigeria
We welcome adverts from both the public and private sector. However, Adverts promoting Condoms, Beers, and Cigarettes might not be accepted. 

b) Special projects
We cover, showcase the contributions of various Government agencies, Embassies, Corporate organisations, CSO, members of the National Assembly, individuals and others on the strive to get youths employed or empowered. In recognition of these efforts and others, we are inviting you, your organisation to take advantage of this opportunity to sponsor your success stories on what you/your organisation has done or is doing in the area of youth employment and job creation in our magazine.

c) Labour consulting/training
i) Through our free entrepreneurial school, we help unemployed youths develop skills to create and keep their jobs as well as enhance their job search skills.
ii) Through our career-mentor chat, we also provide specialized career development tips, as well as solution to labour issues employees face.

d) Employment/recruitment analysis
i) We mainstream the plight of Nigerian jobseekers.
ii) We challenge exploitative employment policies and practices.

e) Vacancy, scholarship, grant, internship and volunteering opportunities announcement

f) We showcase young talented persons with unusual remarkable abilities and upcoming talents

g) Public lecture/award presentation


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