In Africa, three in five of the total unemployed are youth [ILO 2006] and on average 72% of the youth population lives with less than US$2 a day. This picture is not any different in Nigeria where we have a high alarming rate of unemployment and the saddest thing is that Nigeria as a country does not have the recent statistics of the unemployed youth.

Youth unemployment has become the major cause of armed robbery, kidnapping, religious riots and many others. In my working with the youth I met of youth being involved in crime in Nigeria today. These crime activities include youth recently who went into crime because he was unemployed. When I confronted him, he told me `I have no option, I need food and a better life like you. Do you think I don’t want to ride in a car? Who wants poverty as his last name? So I am ready to go into crime. What else? I have been walking the streets for 3 years with no job, if I die e kuku beta `O.

With this kind of mindset from our youths who are supposed to be gainfully employed and the bedrock of our economy, Nigeria may gradually becoming a ghost of herself and we may be sitting on a time bomb that will drag this Nation into further chaos if something is not done urgently. It is not strange to see youths these days who have been unemployed for ten years or more.

In one way or the other we are all responsible for this youth, and if we refuse to do something, the rich class may soon discover that they are not safe at all. An example has been made with high profile people being kidnapped right left and centre in this country, that should point to one fact that all hands must be on deck to find a solution to this problem of unemployment among the youths. Just like this boy I quoted nobody wants poverty as his/her last name, so the goal of career exclusive is to do everything possible to see that we reduce this unpleasant scenario of unemployment in our country. Our goal is to bring those unemployed youths to your doorstep.

We have heard from critics, that those who want a highly skilled laborer will not use our magazine, but I believe that there are many out there who will like to help but don’t know where to start. Our magazine offers them an opportunity. The magazine will expose unemployed youths to a wider scope of employment opportunity and take them where they may not naturally reach. We take them to those places they may not have the opportunity to go. For our readers, we beckon you to take this chance to lend a helping hand to those unemployed youths by being a channel to help these youths be employed. Have it in mind that when these poor go to bed hungry, the rich the rich may not sleep comfortably in their houses at night. This is our civic responsibility. Let us do our part. For the Magazine, we are calling on people and the cooperate organizations to support our effort by advertising in Career Exclusive and through that, we can reach out to more of these youths in the rural areas and by that expose them to a wide scope of employment.                                                                                                                                                                       

  Thank you for being in partnership with us in this journey of helping the unemployed.

                                                                                           Bayo Oyebade


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