MOJI MAKANJUOLA an excellent career model for young people

MOJI MAKANJUOLA excellent career model for young people

  If you’re a regular viewer of Nigeria Television Authority [NTA], Moji Makanjola’s pretty face and gorgeous style wouldn’t be strange to you. The kwara born multi-lingual talented TV presenter, reporter, producer and head of NTA’s health desk bared her mind with CAREER EXCLUSIVE team on her career, family and passion for health issues. Excerpts…


The international coordinator of Mashiah foundation [Bayo Oyebade] recently described you as a friend of Mashiah foundation… it does appear to me you have a special interest in orphans and women living with HIV/AIDS.

Moji Makanjuola:

Yes, with the hindsight that stigmatization and discrimination is one of the problems that PLWHA have to cope with, it is interesting to find out that there’s a couple [the Oyebades] out there who have been giving them renewed hope for life. I’m always pushed to do more for the less-privileged and the most vulnerable which are children who face deprivation in the society. So I got involved in Mashiah foundation care home, such that my Christmas starts from the care home, with this wonderful people… Mashiah Foundation Home offers me that platform to identify with this set of people.


You seem to be passionate about health issues generally.

Moji Makanjuola:

Oh sure! By the grace of God, I’m the head of the health desk of NTA, and we don’t the populace through our various reports. In that way, we believe that more lives will be saved. Most of the health challenges we have in this part of the world are preventable, but most people are not informed, so a 1 or 2 minutes report will go a long way… and we tremendous feedbacks. I came up with a proposal to start a health report, 30 minutes every Thursday. We broaden the horizon for health reporting I believe NTA has set the pace and other media organizations have followed suit, and so today we have a vibrant health desk that looks into the broader perspectives of health care. We package our programmes first to the taste of our target audience [Nigerians], then the black community, and then rest of the world. 


Who is Moji Makanjuola?

Moji Makanjuola:

That’s she talking to you [smiling]. I’m a wife, a mother of three [2 girls and a boy]. My first daughter is a lawyer and my baby girl will be graduating this summer in international financing. My husband is a diplomat who is on his way out of service at the time of this report. I’m blessed by his grace. I’m an orphan. I have sisters and brothers. I am driven by the doctrines of his grace, my Lord Jesus Christ, the sacrifice he made and still makes on our behalf.

Through that, I can reach out every way I can in anywhere that God allows me to serve. By and large, I am I’m just one who is taking in by giving back in terms of setting a platform where people can see themselves as volunteers in every situation and be able to help people who are down to stand up. I have my own downtimes too. Irrespective of your belief, we are our brothers’ keepers. I pray that God will make us a constant instrument of uplifting humanity at all times. Basically, that’s Moji.

CE MAGAZINE: What does your job entail in NTA?

Moji Makanjuola:

 I’m a TV journalist, reporter, producer, anchor and head of health desk of NTA.


 That’s quite a lot of responsibilities, isn’t it?

Moji Makanjuola:

 yeah, I think when you allow God to privatize your life; he gives you the strength, wisdom, and energy to do it. By his grace, everything has been quite supportive. The fact that I’m addicted to the place I work, and I do these tasks over and over again, things just fall into place, that’s it.


Can you point out a particular time when you’re career as a TV journalist began?

Moji Makanjuola: My mentor is late Adamu Augie from Kebbi State. He heard me and actually said to me:’ you are a material for broadcasting.’’ That’s how it started right after secondary school. I have never done anything in life apart from what I’m doing except voluntary work  that is with the less privileged and all that. I like what I do and I still think I will not do anything until my Lord calls me home.


What do you like most about your job?

Moji Makanjuola:

 I think the reach that it gives me. That I can reach out to many people as much as possible with information, credible information that will change their lives.


Challenges on the job?

Moji Makanjuola:

 Yes, I have challenges every day. Meeting deadlines is one of them because the limitations in terms of equipments you have to deal with and until recently, health news had no place in terms of priority. Again, interviews can be very difficult, even sometimes, doctors play gods; they believe that they know it all better than anyone else. In all, we’ve been able to balance it up. I no longer look at these challenges as insurmountable because I am always determined to get over them. In the process, some people call me bulldozer.

Solutions to youth employment? Apart from government, the private sector needs to do something, I think our educational syllabus should be one that gives you a vocation. Every youth should aspire to explore his or her inner potentials to attain greatness.

Interview by Obinna chukwuezie

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  • miss oral health  On January 30, 2013 at 7:53 pm

    you are a great mummy, very eay going mostly you love kids and that how your kids will also be loved, miss oral health is greeting you,


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