Fish farming is one of the many ideas one can explore as a job opportunity. It involves the rearing of fish in an enclosed water environment with the aim of achieving the highest possible fish production in a given circumstance and in the most economic manner.

 Fish is known to contain a higher percentage of protein than meat. According to the Food and Agricultural Organization [FAO], fish contains as much as 60% of first class protein on a dry matter basis. Apart from it’s richness in vitamins, it also contains some quantities of calcium, phosphorus, fats and other nutrients for human growth and health. Fish is free from cultural and religious taboos. This makes it to be a universal favorite.

  Given that fish is in high demand locally and internationally, and it is also cheaper to buy than meat, it undoubtedly affords a prospective investor the opportunity of raising fresh water fish for local and international markets; hence this can satisfy Nigerian importers who spend billions of naira on fish importation monthly. The profit accruable on fish farming depends on the investment status. However, a net profit of 150-500 percent is virtually guaranteed on any project which follows professional guidance which can help bridge the pitfalls in the implementation of the project.

 As a beginner, you do not need a degree, an office or even much money to start. You only need a few juveniles or fingerlings of catfish, tilapia or shrimps, etc as open stock [less than 5,000 naira] and place them in such an environment that there is complete control over the physical, chemical, and biological factors which directly or indirectly affect the production circle. The most important factor is that a water receptacle is created in which fish can be raised to table size. This can be done by ornamental fish farming, excavation of the earth, concrete pond or tank. Just N500 can feed a reasonable quantity daily. A fish farm needs close supervision as it needs an intermittent change of water. As a beginner, you need not go into estate fish farming, Recirculated Outdoor Pond System [ROPS] or multi-fish system, you can start as a micro fish farmer; as you grow, many projects can be intergrated with fish farming: fish/chicken, fish/rice,  fish/duck, fish/cattle, etc even as you look for a job.

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