A chat with Queen Nigeria

She lost her dad when she was just four months old and had it difficult growing up with her mother and one brother. Undaunted, she contested for miss Plateau and won, and later emerged QUEEN NIGERIA even without any make-up on her face or relaxer on her hair. The ever smiling, youthful rivers state born QUEEN NIGERIA bares her mind with our Career Exclusive magazine crew

May we know you?

I’m Juliet Jones



State of origin:

Rivers State


400 level medical student, university of Jos. My mother wanted me to study theater arts and eventually become an actress, while my aunt wanted me to be a nurse, the same profession as hers. My mother did not choose medicine for me, she only guided me in the choice making. The passion to study medicine is as old as I could remember.

About Queen Nigeria pageant:

it is organized by the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) and is different from the conventional pageant. It is very descent, not where contestants flaunt bikinis. The criteria is such that you have to be a complete and real African and Nigerian lady. We were tested in cooking of indigenous meals. I prepared Gote (my favorite meal) and came second nationally. In the camp, we were pared in twos in a room. My roommate was Miss Nassarawa State. Another interesting aspect was the room service was also use as spies on us and report back to the judges on our behavior in our rooms, neatness of room, among others. Again, during dinner, all the contested were asked to bring complaints against their roommates. I never did, as I can get along with anyone. There was a singing session to display talents, the creative tone, rhythm and reason for the song was evaluated. Judges came from different background: fashion, media, religious, academic, psychology, and other people who people who know what a true African woman is. People voted through short codes.            

Queen Nigeria, Juliet Jones


How do you feel being a celebrity?

By the grace of God, nothing has changed. I am still who I am. When I get tired of matching the brakes, I walk or take commercial motorbikes, even to school. I still go to church and participate in ushering activities like cleaning seats for members and sweeping the church compound. My friends have not changed only that I am meeting higher classed people in the society. I need them to do what I want to do. As a celebrity, my new friends will not tell me what my old friends will. So I don’t intend to drop my old friends. I don’t snub those who pose for photographs with me or ask for autograph. I don’t accept romantic overtures from male folks. I politely tell them that I’m not that I am not that kind of girl, but we can just be friends. I see this position as a platform to reach the less-privilege.

Did your position affect your studies? It didn’t affect my studies as I balanced up my activities effectively.


Where do you go from here?

I want to be the first to do things others have not done e.g. a medical student becoming a beauty queen. I want to be a missionary doctor that goes out into the communities to meet patients’ needs and not them coming to meet me in town or an urban hospital.

What will you do after graduation? 

Establish a medical foundation to address medical needs, the less privileged, own trodden, charity (free)

How do you relax? I barely have time to unwind. When I do, I play basketball or play with the children at Sunday school service.

Favorite food?

Gote (properly garnished)

Favourite colour?

 Lemon and White (growth and purity)

Languages spoken?

 English, French, Igbo, Yoruba and Hausa (fairly)


 Real people, determined people, honesty.




My mother! She is the strongest woman I know. She never give up on any situation. She taught me to be strong, believe in myself and put God first in everything I do.

Marital status?

Single (laughter)

Impression about Career Exclusive magazine?

It’s a wonderful idea. It will bridge the widening gap between the pool of unemployed people and the major employers of labour, I feel honored to be part of it.

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