Should age be a factor for unemployment?

They needed a graduate, preferably at the masters level, to have had all six credits at one sitting during the secondary school certificate examinations, must have successfully completed the mandatory one year National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), have at least post NYSC experience and finally, must not be older than 24 years of age. (no declaration of age accepted!!!!)

What sort of a cruel joke is this? This is nothing short of offering ‘kola’ with one hand and taking back with the other.

Sadly, as the age limit required by corporate bodies and organizations keeps going down year after year, so does the stated ages of the job seeker. Thus it is not common to see youths who have been 28 for at least 8 years. Look around, I dare say someone you know is probably just now about to turn 29…….., finally.

Ideally anyone who can do the job should be afforded the opportunity to do so on a level playing ground regardless of sex or age (excluding those of retirement ages of course or of physical disability) Exception should only come into play when the job description in question requires the physical strength or any other quality perculiar to a specific group for maximum efficiency.

In the meant time, we see that our ‘esteemed’ court of law keep busy, declaring job seekers who walk into the courts at age 40 but leave at age 26. Anyway, what does it matter, age is just a number, or isn’t it?

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